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Mar, 2021

Get the scoop on Lax

Why did you get involved with Mudsock Girls Lacrosse and what do you like about the sport?
  My daughter went to a free Try-It Day hosted by Mudsock Girl’s Lacrosse when she was in 4th grade and wanted to give it a try.  Right after the Try-It event we went straight to Play It Again Sports and bought her a lacrosse stick and goggles and signed her up for the season.  She fell in love with the sport!  There was a need for coaches and for members on the board.  My husband coached her lacrosse team for the last three years and I have been on the board for the last three years and president for the last two years. I became president because I think it is important for girls to see women in leadership roles, especially in girls’ sports.

 Why should someone play lacrosse? Lacrosse is a fun sport that many girls pick up pretty quickly.  It is a fast-paced game that continues to work on keeping all the girls playing safe.  It is one of the few sports where there are new rules every year that are focused on keeping the game as safe as possible for girls. There are lots of opportunities to make friends and it helps to bring out every girl’s competitive spirit. 

 What would you say to a parent who is hesitant to have their child play lacrosse because they didn’t play lacrosse growing up?  Lacrosse is a very popular sport on the East Coast and is growing in popularity in the Midwest.  There are only a few adults who live in the Midwest and played lacrosse.  Many of the parents are the side lines don’t know all the rules and there are times when there is a call by the referee and the parents are trying to figure out what just happened.  It’s a great way for parents to bond and to learn about a sport that they are not familiar about.  I also love the role reversal between my daughter and me – she is teaching me about a sport she knows about and is instructing me on how to hold my stick and catch the ball.  It is a great way for your daughter to build confidence and also a great way to spend quality time with your daughter.

 What do you think the best age is to start? Are the athletes in your league mostly “seasoned” players or do you have lots of girls new to the sport? We have lacrosse programs for girls starting in 1st grade.  At this age the girls work on drills and we get high school and junior high girls out to teach them, which the younger girls love!  Our league is made up of both seasoned players and girls who are coming out for the first time.  We get a lot of girls who have never played before at the junior high level and want to get involved in a sport.  There is a place for everyone!

 Which sports have the most transferable skills that apply to girl’s lacrosse?  Soccer players make great lacrosse players.  They have to have endurance through out the game, but also need to be able to sprint while cradling a ball in their stick.  Softball players also make great lacrosse players because of the hand eye coordination that is needed to throw and catch a lacrosse ball.  I really think that any girl can pick it up if they are open to learning a new sport!!!

 Are there opportunities for girls to continue playing after they graduate from the league? Both Hamilton Southeastern High School and Fishers High School have lacrosse teams.  There are also travel teams located in central Indiana that play throughout the year.  We have also had girls who have continued to play lacrosse at the collegiate level.

 Who can coach and what skills do they need?  Anybody can coach and most of our coaches have never played lacrosse.  We supply everything you need to be a successful coach and our governing body, USA Lacrosse, provides virtual training and practice plans. 






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